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Your path to pain relief and relaxation starts with a therapeutic massage in our relaxing studio or in your own home.

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Massage Modalities

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Swedish Massage

swedish-massageSwedish Massage is the base for most other massage techniques. It consists of many long strokes called efflaurage, and kneading stokes called petrissage.

The main purposes of Swedish massage are:
Facilitate relaxation and a sense of well-being
Increase circultion of the blood and lymphatic tissues
Decrease stress

All modalities that we use at Revitalize incorporate at least some Swedish Massage

Couples Massage

ThinkstockPhotos-166668375A very popular option at Revitalize that is not offered everywhere is a couples massage. Whether it is a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, moms and daughters, or best friends — a couples massage in our warm, inviting dual massage room is a great way to share a very relaxing experience.

Most massage modalities that we offer can be done in the couples massage setting without paying a premium price. Absolutely perfect for romantic holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, or those rare times you are able to get away from the kids for just a couple hours!

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger-PointThe philosophy of Trigger Point Therapy is that tension in one part of the body refers pain to other parts.

The example to the right shows a very typical headache pattern – called the question mark pattern. Controlled pressure applied to the ‘x’s recreates headache pain up the neck, behind the ears and behind the eyes. When the pressure is released, pain in the the question mark area is lessened.

Much better for you than a handful of tylenol!

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep--tissue-92023734People are often scared by the name — It should really be called ‘specific or focused massage.’

The goal of Deep Tissue Massage is to find knots, tension, and scar tissue. Once found, specific techniques like Cross Fiber Friction are used to break up scar tissue while sustained, and controlled pressure is applied using the pisiform, thumbs, or elbows to trigger the nervous system to release contracted muscle fibers.

It can hurt a little bit, but it’s what we describe as ‘good pain’ – We want you to feel like, “It hurts, but don’t stop!”

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage 87602911When the stones are used as extensions of the hands, they can help the therapist get deeper pressure. The heat of the stones resting on the body facilitate muscles to relax and soften, allowing for quicker access to deeper muscle layers.

This also allows the therapist to do more during the massage. While the stones are doing their job melting the muscle tissue, the therapist can be working other body parts. Ultimate multitasking!


reflexologyReflexology involves bodywork using the philosophy that points in the feet, hands, or ears connect and affect organs and tissues throughout the body. When looking at the bottom of the feet, the points generally correspond with the head and torso.

Typically done in a 30 minute session or as part of a full body massage.



Polarity is a type of energy healing based on the philosophy that we all have interconnected energy pathways through the body.

The goal is to re-aline those energy pathways or chakras using specific patterns of points using very light pressure.

This approach can be combined with traditional massage to increase the effects.

Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage

pregnancy-massagePregnancy takes quite a toll on an expectant mother’s body. Massage during pregnacy can help:

  • Relieve low back pain, neck, leg and foot pain
  • Increase sense of well being/ Decrease depression and stress
  • Decrease swelling of feet and those darn kankles
  • Lessen appearance of spider veins and varicose veins

*Please note, in the case of a difficult pregnancy, or as the due date approaches, some specific massage techniques may contribute to labor induction.


Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy

120 min – $145 | 90 min – $110 | 75 min – $90 | 60 min – $75 | 45 min – $60 | 30 min – $45

Couples Massage

120 min – $290 | 90 min – $220 | 75 min – $180 | 60 min – $150 | 45 min – $120 | 30 min – $90

Hot Stone

90 min – $130 | 60 min – $95


30 min – $50

Polarity, Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage

120 min – $145 | 90 min – $110 | 75 min – $90 | 60 min – $75 | 45 min – $60 | 30 min – $45

Massage Packages

Of 20:

  • 30 minute – $810 (save $90,$40.50/massage)

Of 10:

  • 120 minute – $1,305 (save $145, $130.50/massage)
  • 90 minute – $990 (save $110, $99.00/massage)
  • 75 minute – $810 (save $90, $81.00/massage)
  • 60 minute – $665 (save $85, $66.50/massage)
  • 45 minute – $535 (save $65, $53.50/massage)
  • 30 minute – $410 (save $40, $40.00/massage)

Of 6:

  • 120 minute – $800 (save $70, $133.33/massage)
  • 90 minute – $610 (save $50, $101.67/massage)
  • 75 minute – $500 (save $40, $83.33/massage)
  • 60 minute – $410 (save $40, $68.33/massage)
  • 45 minute – $325 (save $35, $54.17/massage)
  • 30 minute – $250 (save $20, $41.67/massage)

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