Relaxation Massage

Massage by Revitalize Therapy in Worcester and Holden, MANothing feels better than the human touch. When artfully applied to the body and the delicate muscle tissues, it leaves you with a feeling of refreshment, rejuvenation, and of course, revitalization.

Relaxation Massage is specifically for relaxation and an overall sense of wellness. There are many different types of massage. For relaxation, we recommend the popular Swedish Massage or Refloxolgy. During your massage, you are draped with linens to ensure your privacy, and we will only engage in conversation if you want to, otherwise you’re entitled to 100% peace and quiet. We provide home visits for a completely different, convenient, experience.

Relax In Nature Massage

Relaxation Massage with Revitalize Massage Therapy in Central MADoes sunshine on your back make you smile? Does hearing the birds sing completely put you at peace with the world? Do you want to feel like you’re on vacation for a little while? Why not have a massage in your very own back-yard? Exercising complete privacy and discretion, this is a popular option for many of our clients during the warmer months. Our unique Relax In Nature Massage can offer you something 99% of spas and the indoors simply cannot. Want to learn more about our services? Click here for pricing, a brochure, and more!

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Revitalize Massage Therapy & Yoga

Revitalize Massage Therapy & Yoga